Monday, April 15, 2013

Let's Get Aquainted Skittles Time!

This week Flying Into First's awesome Linky: Let's Get Aquainted is playing the skittles game to get to each of us a little more! Link up!

Here is the code:
Red- Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
Orange- Favorite Memory from College
Yellow- Favorite Sports Team
Green- Favorite Fast Food Place
Purple- Wild Card(Tell anything about yourself)
My favorite ice cream flavor is Moose Tracks! I am that annoying one that picks out all the mini Reeses cups and eats those first :)
The hubs got me an ice cream maker for my birthday so I am excited to try making my own version this summer! Obviously with lots of little mini Reeses cups!

Coincidence that this one is ORANGE because I went to college in BIG ORANGE country at the UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE!! GO VOLS!!!
Peyton Manning :)

Ok so my favorite memory of college...that is a hard one! I had such a great college experience. I was a Kappa Delta and loved participating in my sorority. I played lacrosse at UT for 4 years and loved playing with my younger sister for my last 2 years when she and I were there at the same time (she was a KD too). And I loved going to Football games and traveling to other SEC schools for games! 

My favorite memory would probably be spending time with my 4 best friends. They mean the world to me to this day and I am so glad we had our 4 years together! I miss the days we all lived together and could just knock on each others door and hang out. We are all around the country doing amazing things and I couldn't love them more!

My favorite sports team (besides the Tennessee Volunteers) are any of the Washington DC teams! Love the Skins, Nats, and Caps!! I was born and raised outside of DC and love those teams!

  Favorite Fast Food

Do not eat fast food very often but when I do its wither Chick Fil A (cant wait to be back in the south with that!! WHOO!) or Micky Ds!


Well I am going to share by very proud mommy and teacher moment of the day! I got my son a 5$ tent to play in today and he loved it! I captured this picture of him playing in it and reading a book to himself. So cute :)




  1. Go Vols!
    I graduated with Manning. Those were the days...
    But happier news, your little boy is super cute and obviously very smart.
    Thanks for sharing.

    School Is a Happy Place

    1. GO VOLS :)

      Those were the days...

      And thank you you are sweet :)

  2. KIDS LOVE TENTS right??? I put a castle tent in my classroom and the question asked EVERY DAY.. "Can I go in the tent?"...

    1. Suzanne you are SO SMART!!! Why didnt I think of getting a second one for the classroom!! Going back tomorrow! That will be the incentive of the century for my kids! You are so right they will love that!

  3. Found your blog through the linky and it is super cute! I live in Alabama so you'll be right next door whenever you move to GA. =)

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

    1. Aww thanks! Cant wait to be back in the south! Our grandparents have a house in Wedowee Alabama so I will be at the lake in Alabama all the time! Love it down there! Your blog is so cute too! Newest follower :)

  4. OMGOSH!!! You like the same kind of ice cream as me (differnt brand...but same idea) only my son is the one that picks out the peanut butter pieces! I am your newest follower! Come check out my blog!
    First Grade Funtastic

  5. This is such a fun linky! I have loved learning about other bloggers. I would love to have you come by and link up with my latest linky. It’s all about the dollar. Anything you love, make, sell, find, or buy that is a dollar. It is really fun!

    I am also your newest follower--so come on over!