Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tell Me One Good Thing

Found this awesome Linky over at Rowdy in First Grade ! Its called Tell Me Something Good! You tell one good thing that is happening right now at school and one good thing at home! 

This reminds me of when I was growing up. I have 3 younger siblings and my parents made all four of us say one good thing about our day at the dinner table. I really appreciate it now that we are all spread out around the country. I wish we could all go around the table and just talk about our days. Anyways here are my good things :)
Today is my Grandmother's 90th Birthday! My Dad is the youngest in his family of 5 kids so I am so thankful I still have both my Grandparents on his side. My Grandfather is still living as well and is 92! They are troopers. I am so excited to travel to see them this weekend. Its going to be a hell of a drive but I am so pumped to see all of my siblings who will be there as well =)
In other good news in my family today! My sister in law got accepted into Vet School today. I am so so sooo proud of her. She is graduating from Virginia Tech this year and I cant wait to see her graduate! Big day for our family! Here is my girl with a baby lion in Africa! Isnt she the coolest?


School school school. Well one good thing is we are going to the National Zoo tomorrow! All my kiddos did an animal project and I am so excited for them to go and see all the animals tomorrow! EEK! So that is my good school news! Quite the animal theme today!

Link up and let me know the good things going on in your lives =)



  1. I love this linky! What a great idea. It is always good to remember the good things that happen.

    Ms Richards's Musings

  2. Thanks for sharing! I loved hearing about your family. So many wonderful memories are made around the kitchen table!


  3. Grandparents in their 90's and still around. You are very blessed.
    Have a great Friday!

    School Is a Happy Place

  4. Hi again. I tried to email you this weekend and I think you may be set to no reply. I you didn't get an email from me, contact me ( I had to change my settings so that I can correspond via email when someone comments or contacts me.
    I had no idea I was no reply until another blogger let me know. She sent me a link to fix it.

    Have a good evening.