Saturday, June 29, 2013

Currently July Addition!!

Hope yall are having a great weekend! We had a crab boil tonight (YUM!!) to celebrate us leaving! It was so fun and so tasty! (but seriously how tedious is picking out the crab meat!! ha) 

Can you believe it ALREADY JULY!!! nuts...

Link up with oh boy 4th grade and join in on the fun! I love reading everyone's currentlys! 

LISTENING: To Julie and Julia. Its basically all thats on TV right now on this jammin Saturday night. I am so exhausted though I dont even feel bad about being so lame.

LOVING: Spening so much time with my little one. I just appreciate it so much and am so excited I get this time with him. Hubs taught him how to knuckle bump and he goes around to everyone and knuckle bumps them. Today on our morning walk an elderly couple came up to us so our dogs could sniff each other and my son held out his fist to fist bumb the couple haha thankfully they knew what that was (I was a little worried they were much older) and Connor got his fist bump...oh man

THINKING: I cant wait to make some recipes out of the new cookbook I got. I got the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. Its simple recipes but very comforting :) I am excited to try lots of them!

WANTING: To hopefully get to the Atlanta Blogging get together on July 20th!!

NEEDING: It to be the 4th of July!! The forth is my absolute FAVORITE holiday. I think its all the patriotism, USA, fire works, and BBQs ...just everything about it. Happy Birthday America =)

TIPS: Dont Stress...Its summer :)



  1. HI! I found you through the Currently link up. I used to teach in Richmond but I am in PA now. I love that your little guy is knuckle bumping..they grow up so fast! My boys are 5 and 1. Good luck with the move! I am your newest follower!
    Two Friends In First

  2. YAY! I so hope you can come to the meet-up in Atlanta. I am looking forward to meeting so many blogger buddies. :) Have a great day. :) I'm following you via Bloglovin.
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. My 3 year old fist bumps too... It's adorable! :) Happy 4th! :)