Friday, July 26, 2013

I sware I am alive...Favorite Pins Friday!

Hi!! I am sorry I have been so MIA. I have been so busy with the hubs at work trying to get the house put together and every time I sit down to blog it seems like I have something else to organize in the house. BUT its coming together and I promise I will get back on my regular blogging schedule! I have a special post in the works for tomorrow about Military Life from a new blogging friend so be sure to check back tomorrow for that!

Oh and look what we got...this is really whats taking up all my time :) But he sure is cute! His name is JEB!

On to Favorite Pin Friday! Here are some of my favorite pins from this week!! Link up with The First Grade Parade to join in on the fun! I love checking out yalls pins!


I love this idea from Jason's Online Classroom! It gives a new meaning to the "treasure box!" I even like some of the ideas for home rewards with my son!

I love this next idea from Pottery Barn Kids to hang big paintings of the covers of childrens books! I would love to make some for my son's bedroom! Love the bright colors and the inspiration they give!

I got this idea from Imagination Soup's Blog - Word Jars! Simply cut out words from magazines, newspapers, the internet and the kids have to pink out whatever number of words you assign and make sentences, a paragraph, a story etc! The ideas are endless!

I love the blog Kindergarten Smiles ! I love all of Kaitlin's ideas she is so creative! She gave me a great idea for what to do with all those old beanie babies I have :)


So I have been trying to figure out how I can get storage for Connor's toys plus more seating in our family room in the new house...but for not a lot of money! I have been obsessed with this idea and finally took the leap and orders the shelves from IKEA! I cant wait till they are in (I see a Monday Made it in my future! ha) I Heart Organizing  you are SO SMART!!!

I could not find the post for this one but it is so darn cute! 


Going to try this one out from Blond Ponytail today! 

Hope you enjoyed these pins! I would LOVE if you followed me on Pinterest! 

Link up with Cara! Cant wait to see your pins!

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