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Life After The Military: How to Tackle Your Job Search

My new blogging friend Emma from Smiles As It Happens wrote an amazing piece for my blog that I cant wait to share with you! As yall know I am an Army Wife. I really love taking any chance I can get to shed some light on things about military life in addition to my posts about teaching! I realized when I became an Army Wife how much I did not know or understand about the military and the life that comes with it! And I know I still have a lot of learning to do! Emma wrote this about trying to find job after you are finished with your time in the military!

On Leaving the Military: How to Tackle Your Job Search
You’ve served your country well, and whether you are retiring after a long career or leaving the military following a minimum commitment, the transition to civilian life might seem overwhelming. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the self-defeating myths surrounding your search for a civilian job. Your future is bright, and it will be much brighter if you follow your dreams toward a new job that excites and motivates you. Let’s look at the truth behind some of today’s most common job myths.

Myth #1: Due to your time in active duty military, companies will be hesitant to hire you.
Truth: Companies are required by law not to discriminate based on military service. In addition to the laws that exist to protect veterans searching for employment, the government has also adopted laws and established incentive programs that give military veterans preference over other job seekers. If anything your military background should serve to give you an advantage over other applicants.

Myth #2: Applying for jobs takes too much time.
Truth: You aren’t likely to find your dream job without putting in some serious effort, but today’s employers do understand the many demands on your time. Many companies now offer applicants the opportunity to easily upload resumes via mobile recruiting platforms, like JIBE. This makes the job application process quick and simple, allowing you to have a more productive job search.

Myth #3: If you now have a service-related disability, no one will hire you.
Truth: Plenty of disabled veterans have successfully found gainful employment, and programs exist to help you through the process of finding a job. The U.S. Department of Veterans has several services focused on assisting disabled veterans with on-the-job-training, job coaching, occupational therapy and other things that can help you find an ideal work situation.

Myth #4: To get a job, you have to apply to as many positions as possible.
Truth: Actually, blindly applying to as many jobs as possible could work against you. A better use of your time is to carefully research the type of job you really want and then apply to a handful of them. Take the time to research each company before you apply. Be sure this company is the type of place where you can excel, learn and grow.

Embrace the excitement that comes with your transition out of military life. Rather than believing every naysayer who predicts gloom and doom, learn the truth behind common job myths and success will follow.

I thought what Emma wrote was so uplifting! A lot of people hear so much about the lack of jobs for military men and women after they have served! I loved that Emma was so positive and gave the facts and shot down those silly myths! Thanks so much Emma for writing this for my blog! Yall go check her out :) 

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