Monday, August 19, 2013

Classroom Jobs!!

Having classroom jobs really helped me last year! You don't have to do everything yourself plus it gives the kiddos lessons in responsibility and gives them a sense of community by working together!! I whipped together these CUTE job charts for my best friend starting her first year of teaching! She is going to cut them and tack them to her board and then pin her students name under the job they are given and rotate them each week! She is going to use the smaller posters but they come in a full page too! You could also use clothes pins with each student's name on them and pin them to each job for the week! Grab them HERE


1. Calendar Helper
2. Snack Helpers
3. Table Washer
4. Weather Reporter
5. Line Leader
6. Caboose
7. Door Holder
8. Gardener
9. Classroom Pet Helper
10. Supplies Manager
11. Sweeper
12. Library
13. Messenger
14. Pencil Sharpener
15. Recycling Helper
16. Technology Helper
17. Flag Holder
18. Chair Stacker
19. Classroom Helper
20. Lunch Helper
21. Recess Helper
22. Substitute 


  1. So cute. You are a good friend.
    I wish I had stopped by before this morning. I was scrambling putting together some new job posters. I've decided to delegate a bit more too.
    Thanks for the nice feedback.
    Have a great week.

    School Is a Happy Place

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